Nothing is Impossible

Making the impossible happen since 2010. Video is a medium to be enjoyed and we believe the process should be too. Sometimes finding how to to target your video proejct or how to tell a story isn't easy. We turn the puzzle, find a new way to look at things, find solutions and have fun along the way.

Our Philosophy

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For each project and client, we strive to exceed expectations and deliver polished end products. We are always in search of new ways to better serve our clientele and find new ways to help our clients and make people say "wow, I never knew that" and deliver the highest quality product possible. Toes in the Sand Productions has extensive experience in producing broadcast quality content and stories along with comprehensive knowledge in digital distribution, marketing and brand management. We pride ourselves in maintaining relationships within every aspect of our industry. This industry and our business model is built on people and relationships, from telling the story of an individual or having the right person to contact to make things happen..

About Us

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Our Company

Toes in the Sand Productions is made up of a small group of professionals who love what they do and deliver the highest quality product possible.
Based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho we are a content developer dedicated to our passion for video production and photography. Whether you are working on a local project or need to deliver it to clients around the globe we have solutions to make each goal possible.


Eric Foster

He has more than 20 years experience in media production and marketing. Eric has worked with premiere television networks and in the private sector, coordinating and producing live events and sports. Eric works with PAC-12 Networks, ABC/ESPN, FOX Sports, CBS Sports, DirecTV, NFL Network and NBC Sports. His extensive production portfolio in all aspects of production includes concept and design, producing, directing, shooting, mixing audio, lighting, and editing. He has won numerous national Telly Awards and has had a film featured at the renowned Cannes Film Festival. In 2008 Eric wasn't happy running 2.5 miles, today he insists that 26.2 miles just isn't far enough and his business partner running high 7 minute miles may be getting slow


Amanda Rikard

She has worked in the private sector as well as her experience in sports television production with PAC-12 Networks, ABC/ESPN, FOX Sports, NFL Network and NBC Sports. Her experience in production includes writing, producing, mixing audio, lighting, and editing. Her extensive background in communication and leadership add a great deal of organization and innovative work flow to every project. She received her Masters in Communication and Leadership from Gonzaga University. Amanda loves dogs. Just take a walk with her and she will point out every dog walking down the street to you. Especially her pride and joy, Lola, a min-pin chihuahua mix.

Our Services

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In Development

Toes in the Sand Productions is a production company dedicated to our passion for what we do. We love the exciting search and creation of our next project and new ways to better serve our clientele. Each story development is a new way to make people say "wow, I never knew that". In the ever changing realm of technology, we develop and deliver the highest quality product possible and distribute it across every platform; from your tv, computer, tablet and mobile device, to maximize the reach of the content.
Established in 2010, Toes In The Sand Productions is currently in development of a number of projects from our local clients in our backyard to those we service across the nation. Including our latest travel series Weekend Getaways

Production Strategy

Toes in the Sand Productions has the ability to create all aspects of the production process internally. This includes the designing, planning and execution of each aspect of every project. Each of our projects is carried out with extensive planning strategies. This ensures all key aspects for a successful production are covered. All of our projects from broadcast production to photo shoots follow a structured workflow that is executed throughout international productions.

Why We're Awesome

Toes in the Sand Productions specialize in broadcast quality video production for all projects big and small. We take the time to find a unique look to draw in the viewer and captivate their attention. We focus on the development of original content on unexplored topics. By positioning our products with a unique view we entice audiences with new original content. Our experience in producing and broadcast production gives our team a competitive advantage over larger companies in the ever changing realm of digital distribution. Our experience in developing high end digital distribution for national companies along with working with networks for production allows us to adapt quickly to the changing requirements in the industry for new avenues of digital delivery. Toes in the Sand Productions sets our level of standards high and strives to exceed our expectations on every project.

Video Production

Concept to completion, it is what we love doing each and every day.

Digital Delivery

Technology is changing the world we live in and how we access our media. We make sure it can be accessed everywhere.

Brand Management

How you present yourself across all mediums matters a lot. We can help guide the way to do it right.


All of the world is a new image happening one second at a time. We capture unique ways to look at things and moments that matter.

Advertising Consultation

When you want to get your name out or target your product to a specific demographic, we have you covered.

Our Works

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Weekend Getaways

Fairmont Creek Property Rentals

Weekend Getaways

Arrowhead Brewing Co.

Ad Campaign

Adapt Management

Weekend Getaways

Soulful Soups

Ad Campaign

Adapt Management

Weekend Getaways

Extreme Yeti Skydiving

Weekend Getaways

Crown Jewel Watersports

Real Estate

Estate Properties

Weekend Getaways

Fall Festival


Washington State Spirit

Weekend Getaways

Munchen Haus


Cda Marathon Promo

Product Promo

Wallace Brewing Co.


Spotlight Cheer


Web Series Trailer


Product Feature



Who We Are

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Eric Foster

Principal | Producer

Owner of many titles: Producer, Director, Camera Op, Runner, Cat Herder, Maker of the Coffee. Nothing happens without coffee. Specializes in making the impossible happen.

Amanda Rikard

Principal | Producer

Producer, Writer, Host and so much more. Makes a shoot happen knee deep in the mud in the morning, cleans up with Jimmy Choo's and a dress at night.


Pricing by Project

Each project is different and budgets can be too. We are happy to meet and discuss your project to make each project successful and fit within your budget. A video that requires us to travel to several states or countries can have a very different budget than a video at one location with just a couple interviews. At Toes in the Sand Productions we understand you're good at what you do, and we don't expect you to undertand all the technical terms of the production world. We'll help you along in the process and build a mutually beneficial relationship too.

Contact Us

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Contact Info

Toes In The Sand Productions, LLC.
118 N. 7th St.
Suite A2
Coeur d'Alene, ID, 83814
United States

Eric Foster
P: 208.863.3006

Amanda Rikard
P: 208.691.4482